Eliezer Mensah

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After training African coup leaders, Pentagon blames Russia for African coups

The U.S. has trained 15 coup leaders in recent decades — and U.S. counterterrorism policies in the region have failed.

Acquiring the advantage in a fast-evolving industry

As Nigeria’s vast network of small and medium-size enterprises increasingly looks to digitalize payments, merchant acquiring is offering increasingly attractive…

Ghana’s economic crisis was caused by government borrowing – the central bank did the best it could: economist

Ghana's central bank faced trade-offs during the 2022 economic crisis between controlling inflation or preventing a fiscal crisis by lending…

Senegal has a rich history of traditional music – how it lives on in modern music

Senegalese musicians blend traditional and modern elements to create tradi-modern mbalax rhythms, preserving cultural values while evolving the music.

Malawi farming experiment shows how simple changes can boost maize yields and improve soil

Combining deep bed farming with intercropping legumes boosts soil fertility and crop yields for Malawian smallholder farmers, reducing reliance on…

South Africa’s President Announces Plan to Form National Unity Government

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s party, the African National Congress, is seeking a broad alliance after it failed to win enough seats…

The tragedy of the ANC’s collapse

South Africa’s ruling party wasn’t overtaken by a rival in the election. It simply ceded ground to the country's latent…

Red Sea politics: why Turkey is helping Somalia defend its waters

Turkey and Somalia expanded their defense cooperation to counter regional tensions, but Turkey must balance its strategic interests in the…

IMF Downgrades Nigeria’s Growth, Forecasts 23% Inflation

IMF downgrades Nigeria's 2024 growth projections to 3% from 3.1% while projecting 2023 inflation at 23% and 15.5% in 2024;…

Ghana’s looted Asante gold comes home (for now) – Asante ruler’s advisor tells us about the deal

After 150 years, 39 looted Asante royal gold artifacts are being returned on loan to Ghana from British museums, a…

Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso announce withdrawal from ECOWAS

The three nations, led by military governments, accused the regional bloc of becoming a threat to member states.

Africans discovered dinosaur fossils long before the term ‘palaeontology’ existed

African indigenous knowledge of fossils predates European discoveries by centuries. Evidence from Lesotho, Morocco, Egypt and South Africa.