Acquiring the advantage in a fast-evolving industry

As Nigeria’s vast network of small and medium-size enterprises increasingly looks to digitalize payments, merchant acquiring is offering increasingly attractive…

Shaping the ambiance of Zimbabwe’s Constitutionalism

With the three branches of Zimbabwe’s political system, the executive, legislature and judiciary, striving to advance their roles as contemplated…


In sub-Saharan Africa, we need to look harder for TB

Before COVID-19 came along, tuberculosis (TB) was a primary focus of health authorities in sub-Saharan Africa. In 2019, approximately 1.4 million…

Is democracy in decline in Africa?

The problem isn’t the system of government but poor leadership that opens the door to despots and coup plotters.

‘Ours must always be a story of hope’ – Fighting a regime that has turned evil

"Ours must always be a story of hope, of citizens who, knowing how ruthless and repressive this regime is, choose…

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