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African Thinker  Magazine focuses on the Big Picture for Africa, on how Africa can to bring knowledge to life. We believe that the continent deserves and should have access to its greatest minds to help it chart the way forward.


Our mission is to bring this opportunity with original, high-quality commentaries and contributions from leaders in every sector: political, health, business, policymakers, the youths, agriculture, civic among others. In other words, we are work with experts that are relevant to issues of the day.

What we do

As a brand, we disseminate content that not only informs decision makers, but leads to constructive conversations that take the continent forward, challenging leaders to think differently, locally and act globally and must provide local solutions to communities.

Our analyses are explanatory and contribute to healthy discourse with facts and evidence into the public arena while adhering to responsible and ethical journalism.

With that in mind, our contributors are insightful and promote better understanding of current affairs and complex issues. They give authoritative analysis of the issues of importance to the continent and suggest viable solutions.

African Thinker plays an agenda-shaping role by answering the questions: What does this all mean? What is the way forward?

African Thinker has offices in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe.