Today: March 1, 2024

International Court of Justice Orders Israel to Prevent Genocidal Acts in Gaza

Thousands of people marched in Cape Town calling for genocide in Gaza to be prevented. Gaza is one of the two Occupied Palestinian Territories. Ashraf Hendricks/GroundUp

Cape Town — The International Court of Justice in the Hague has ruled that the Israeli government must stop its attacks on the Occupied Palestinian Territories and allow aid to reach the affected population unhindered.

This after South Africa brought a case before the court arguing that Israel is committing a genocide against the Palestinian people.

The court ordered Israel to report back within a month on measures it’s taken to prevents acts of genocide in Gaza – stopping short of ordering a ceasefire. The ruling on the merits of the genocide evidence yet, and it may take years to decide.

In reaction to the ruling, Balkees Jarrah, associate international justice director at Human Rights Watch said: “The World Court’s landmark decision puts Israel and its allies on notice that immediate action is needed to prevent genocide and further atrocities against Palestinians in Gaza. Lives hang in the balance, and governments need to urgently use their leverage to ensure that the order is enforced. The scale and gravity of civilian suffering in Gaza driven by Israeli war crimes demands nothing less.

Jarreh said The ICJ’s “speedy” ruling recognises the “dire situation in Gaza, where civilians face starvation and are being killed daily at levels unprecedented in the recent history of Israel and Palestine. The court’s clear and binding orders raise the stakes for Israel’s allies to back up their stated commitment to a global rules-based order by helping ensure compliance with this watershed ruling”.